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About us

Home of the original Macrame Woven Ball End Bangles & Cuffs! 
Be sure you are not getting a replica or a copy cat by ordering directly from us, or one of our approved retail locations.
People ask, how did you come up with your business name?
It was very simple. Living on Cape Cod, surrounded with ocean water, and having
so many beads I was completely sounded by them as well.
  So it seemed natural to take the "B" and "s" from beads and surround the "ocean"
with them like I was.  Hence Boceans was born.
What started just as a fun craft project to do with my boyfriend's sister
has turned into a sole proprietary business and here we are!
My vision for Boceans was creating economical bracelets for everyone.
Ever spent more than fifty dollars on a bracelet only to lose it weeks later?
That won't happen with a Boceans bracelet. Why, because our average pricing scale
is $15.00 - $35.00.  So should you lose your bracelet, you wont be losing fifty dollars or more. 
We hope you enjoy your adventure through our catalog as it will continue to grow.
-"Know that each bracelet is made with love, salt air, and sandy wishes"
We also sell through various other platforms!
Feel free to visit us at the below .
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~Allison Owner Boceans of Cape Cod ~