COVID 19 Reassurance – Boceans of Cape Cod
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COVID 19 Reassurance

Please note that we are doing everything we can to keep our purchasers safe during these times of uncertainty!  From product creation all the way to packaging and shipping.  Constant hand washing, wearing of gloves, disinfecting machinery and tools, between every process and product is being done.  

It is important when it comes to our face coverings/masks that you wash before wearing. Each covering/masks does get hot ironed multiple times through out the creation process and before being sealed individually in bags. Mask and coverings are not a cure or sure fire way of complete protection from the Corona-virus(s) but will certainly help in the fight against catching the virus. There is no guarantee that any mask or face covering will completely prevent you from catching or contracting a virus.  We do provide filter pockets you can use to put a filter of your choice in should you want extra protection.

Please please, when you are in your car driving especially alone do not wear you mask in the car while driving for extenuated periods of time. Please follow your state and federal guidelines for social distancing and laws during these times.  Stay safe and fashionable!