Welcome to Boceans of Cape Cod.
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Welcome to Boceans of Cape Cod.

Economically Priced Handmade Jewelry!

Born from sand, seaweed, beads and an ocean breeze.    From the shores of Cape Cod right to your door.

Home of the original Macrame Woven Ball End Bangles & Cuffs! 

Be sure you are not getting a replica or a copy cat by ordering directly from us, or one of our approved retail locations.

Our macrame woven over ball end bangles are a unique style you won't see anywhere else!  We' ve combined a classic style from the early 70's with today's more common and poplar styles!   From simple clean and fun, to more formal and blingy styles.

We 've made bracelets for wedding parties, graduations, memorial id's and so much more!

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