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Masks To Go

Boceans of Cape Cod's Masks To Go!

Bringing you personal face mask (PPE) coverings at reasonable prices. Handcrafted with care & quality in mind. We are proud to bring you a more comfortable alternative than most personal face coverings.

These masks are constructed with an inner filter pocket, Side string runners for alternative wear to behind the ear elastic. Right now Elastic is think 1/4" wide.  We have narrower softer elastic on order, when it arrives it will be available in white for custom orders, and some pre made stock

If you are on Cape Cod you can have these delivered right to your mail box by us or USPS. We can also arrange for local pick up, all with in social distancing guidelines.  Mask sizes come in the following sizes (and will be posted for sale on availability.) :

M = Regular Men's, XM = Extra Large Men's, XXM = 2X Men's Extra Large

W/T = Women's Regular/ Teen  W/TX =  Women's/Teens Extra Large ( very close in size to Men's Regular

S = Adolescence (ages 7-12) 

XS = Child (ages 3-6)