PostShareRewardsProgram – Boceans of Cape Cod
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Share our post and earn rewards points toward your product purchases!

To take part in the program you must be registered on our website as a customer and activate your account.

For every post you share you will receive will receive 2 points per post you share.  You may earn up to 25 points per week. Points will be added/credited to you on a weekly bases.

This program is meant to be a fun means for our loyal fans and customers to earn discounts as they help spread the word about our products via Facebook. Rewards may be redeemed via our Facebook store, via our website, or at events we participate in and or in person.


Once you hit 25 post shares (50 points) your first reward will be applied to your account.  you may accumulate points  however, points expire four months after their issue date.

Rewards may be used on a minimum purchase price of $15.00

 12.5 (will be rounded to 12 post shares =25 points    25 points = 2.50

  25 post shares = 50 points     50 points = $5.00

  50 post shares = 100 points   100 points = $10.00

 100 post shares= 200 points    200 points = $20.00


As with most rewards programs terms,regulations and rules may change from time to time.

Please also know that should we discontinue the program you will be given ample notice as

To redeem your rewards. There will be a notice four months prior to the end of the program if and when it should end.  Points are not transferable to other customers.